Вот это ЧТО такое...

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17 янв 2012, 20:25
...к югу от Менкаура у восточной пирамидки?:


февраль 1936 года.

17 янв 2012, 21:13
Религиозно-культовое здание, построенное для личных целей царицей микериновской:
The entrance to the easternmost and largest of these structures, G 3a, was in the middle of the north wall, not far above ground level. The burial chamber was dug out of the rock under the center of the pyramid's base. In the floor next to its west wall a pink granite sarcophagus was embedded, but it soon fell prey to thieves. In addition, ceramics and charred remains of wood and matting were found in the chamber.

In front of the pyramid's east side stood a small, east-west-oriented mortuary temple. Originally it seems to have been built of limestone, but later on it was hastily finished using mudbricks. It was accessible from the pyramid's courtyard, and its western part consisted of a large, open courtyard, in whose north wall were niches, whereas on its south side a row of wooden columns stood. The way into the offering room, which had a false door in the western part of the temple, led through a small cult chapel. On both sides of the entrance into the offering room the chapel walls were decorated with deep, doubled niches. In the northwest part of the temple were storerooms, and in the southwest a staircase that led to the roof terrace.

On the basis of the location and especially the plan of the substructure, some Egyptologists regard G 3a as the original cult pyramid. The sarcophagus in the underground chamber and the mortuary temple clearly show, however, that the pyramid also served as a real tomb. Reisner hypothesized that it belonged to Menkaure's consort Khamerernebti II. Other Egyptologists maintain that this queen was buried, along with her mother, Khamerernebti I, in the central part of the necropolis at Giza, in the so-called Galarza tomb, named after a count who financially supported research on it. There a statue of Khamerernebti II was discovered (Egyptian Museum, Cairo, JE 48856), the only colossal statue of a queen from the Old Kingdom found so far. The question to whom G 3a belonged thus remains open. It is not impossible, however, that it was originally a cult pyramid, later transformed into a tomb.

Miroslav Verner. The Pyramids: The Mystery, Culture, and Science of Egypt's Great Monuments стр.252
17 янв 2012, 21:46
http://www.gizapyramids.org/code/emuseu ... =mycerinus
Райзнер , просто образцовая работа.
17 янв 2012, 22:46
jey писал(а):
Религиозно-культовое здание, построенное для личных целей царицей микериновской

Куда делось? Торчать должно, не низенькое, вроде.
Я ж там ходил, ни хрена нету.

17 янв 2012, 23:22
Время боится только пирамид, на храмы, тем более такие маленькие, боязнь у времени не распространяется. Но кое-какие контуры до сих пор проглядывают:



если вглядываться и знать, что что-то должно быть.

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