Кто строитель пирамиды Хафра?

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31 май 2012, 14:03

...и бюста архитектора Анххафа, построившего пирамиду Хафры...

Мастаба G7510

http://what-when-how.com/ancient-egypt/ ... ury-b-c-e/

Ankhkhaf (fl. 26th century b.c.e.)
Princely vizier of the Fourth Dynasty
He was a son of snefru (r. 2575-2551 b.c.e.),serving the royal family as a vizier. This royal line maintained control by using only family members in high positions of trust and authority. Ankhkhaf’s statue, actually a bust of exquisite artistry, is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He married hetepheres (2) and predeceased her. His tomb was the largest mastaba in the eastern cemetery in giza.

Не путать с:
G 1234 Stone-Mastaba
Judge and Boundary official of the Great House, Overseer of tenants of the Great House, Noble of the King.
Late 5th or 6th Dynasty Dated by Harpur to the reign of Unis and Teti.

http://www.gizapyramids.org/pdf%20libra ... connor.pdf

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31 май 2012, 16:07
Это вопрос про Анххафа Снофровича или что? :grin:
31 май 2012, 16:10
Про него.
Но строитель ли он пирамиды Хафра?

31 май 2012, 20:13
Хм, что-то я титулатуру его не нашел.
31 май 2012, 20:38
jey писал(а):
Хм, что-то я титулатуру его не нашел.

http://www.gizapyramids.org/pdf%20libra ... connor.pdf

31 май 2012, 20:48
Да не только там (про строителя) не нашел. Там все "пробабли":
Ankh-haf is: z~ [nswt] n btfsmsw "eldest [king's) son of his body" and [t3jlj] z3b 15lj and wr djw pr-f)(lwlj "vizier and
great one of Five of the house ofThoth" (for Ankh-hars titles, see ROMER 1977: 24-26 (a) 204, 219; STRUDWICK 1985: 77-78 (34), 301, 308, tabs. 28, 29; BAUD 1999a, 424-425 (35)). Reisner and Smith believed that Ankh-haf was a vizier under Khafra, probably "his first vizier" (REISNER-SMITH 1955: 11). However, Strudwick believes that Ankh-haf was a vizier under Khufu (STRUDWICK 1985: 301,
tab. 28).
Ромера со Струдвиком надо, чтоб разобраться.

Судя же по :

Ankhaf was a vizier during the reign of Khefren and "overseer of all the King's works". The latter would have made him responsible for the building of the pyramid of Khefren, if not as an architect, then at least as the chief administrator.

http://www.ancient-egypt.org/glossary/p ... nkhaf.html

Его скорее к руководителю проекта надо отнести и то де-юре. Ассоциации с министром-администратором отклоним. :grin:
01 июн 2012, 00:27
jey писал(а):
Ромера со Струдвиком надо, чтоб разобраться.

С Ромером непросто
ROMER, M.1977 Zum Problem von Titulatur und Herkunjt bei den iigyptischen 'Konigssohnen' des Alten Reiches. Ph.D. dissertation, Freie UniversWit.

Со Струдвиком проще оказалось:
STRUDWICK 1985: 77-78 (34),
Mastaba in the Eastern Cemetery at Giza, G7510. PM 32, 196; almost completely unpublished – information from examination of excavation records and material in Boston.
Relevant Titles: [imy-r] k3[t nbt nt nzwt], [t3yty] z3b t3ty.
Other Titles: imy-r wsht, imy-r ht nbt, iry p*t, '3 dw3w, w r [md^âm'w], w r 5 pr-dhwty, [mniw ] nhn, [mdw ] hp, h3ty', hm-ntr b3 'npt, hry-tp nhb, hts inpw, [hrp] i3t [nbt ntrt], hrp 'h, hrp mr t t3-mhw [sm'w], hry-hb, jiry-hb [hry]-tp, [z3] nzw t [n ht.f], z3 [nzwt] n ht.f smsw, sms w izt, sd3wty bity.
The parentage of 'nh-h3f and his exact position in the royal family of the fourth dynast y are les s than certain . Reisner and Smith considered him a son of Sneferu by an unspecified queen, who then married a senior daughter of that king an d a principal queen , h t p - h r s ; his tomb is then dated to the reign of Khafre. l This is based solely on htp-hr s 's (reconstructed ) priesthood of Sneferu and the historical associations of her name.
A different conclusion may be reached by reconsidering Reisner's view of the relative arrangement of the Giza cemeteries. He considered that the Easter n Cemeter y consisted of twelve initial cores , later modified into eight , east of the queens ' pyramids , followed by six further ones including G7510.2 This is based on his typology of the twelve cores as type IVi and that of the others as IViii . However , it has been suggested above that the sequence of appearance of chapel s with two false doors at Giza points to this tomb dating to the reign of Khufu (page 42) . For the tomb of 'nh-h3f to have been prepared in the reign of Khufu, it is perhaps likely that he was of the same generation as that king , very possibly a son of Sneferu.
Smith puts his death at an advanced age, because of the appearance of a grandson in the tomb, but assuming that the first children were born while their parents were young, he could have easily been a grandfather by the age of forty . The decoration of the panel of htp-hr s points to it as being one of the earliest examples from the Easter n Cemeter y (Chapter 2.II.B). If 'nh-h3f is to be paralleled with hm-iwnw , one might date him to the middle of the reign of Khufu.

STRUDWICK, N. 1985 The Administration of Egypt in the Old Kingdom: The Highest Titles and their Holders. Studies in Egyptology. London, Boston, Henley and Melbourne.

Теперь нужен специалист по титулатуре ДЦ Дмитрий. Никто его не видел, случайно?
08 июн 2012, 12:16
jey писал(а):
С Ромером непросто

С ним не то что не просто, с ним очень плохо. Опубликованной книги нет, только тевтонский пхд, лохматого года...

Пологаю, что вывод о причастности Анххафа был сделан на основании нескольких титулов:
1) [imy-r] k3[t nbt nt nzwt] - распорядитель всех царских работ = главный государственный строитель
2) [z3] nzw t [n ht.f] / z3 [nzwt] n ht.f smsw - старший (не первенец, но в порядке возраста на тот момент) царский сын от плоти его.
3) [t3yty] z3b t3ty - привратный судья = везирь, также ответственный за все государственное строительство
4) imy-r ht nbt - если не ошибаюсь - распорядитель вещи всякой - крупный административный чин.
5) sd3wty bity - хранитель нижнеегипетской печати = казначей, ответственный в том числе за добычу и доставку строительных материалов для построек

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08 июн 2012, 20:20
Из лички.

http://www.gizapyramids.org/pdf%20libra ... hap_16.pdf

The names of the princes of Dyn.IV who hald the office of
‘‘vezier" are as follows: (1) princes related to Sneferuw, Nefermafat (Medm 16), Kanofer (Dahshur No,28), Ankh-haf (G 7510)....... и т.д.
Мастаба Анх-Хафа

http://www.gizapyramids.org/pdf%20libra ... connor.pdf

Джей, Дмитрий, простите, совершенно нет возможности анализировать. Цейтнот.


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