Images of women in military context

...т.е., изделия "малых форм"
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16 мар 2013, 13:06
Часть, полностью доступно здесь : ... 4bfdd2eded
Petrie, William M. Flinders. Deshasheh: 1897. London, 1898

Судя по классическому изображению стены города, передана его оборона силами женской части населения.
Захватчики (с луками) ворвались, но были варварски перебиты египетскими красавицами.

18 мар 2013, 21:32
Также пишут :

Carolyn Graves-Brown : Dancing For Hathor - Women in Ancient Egypt. -
London ; New York : Continuum, 2010. - ISBN: 978-1-8472-5054-4. -
241 p., on page 38:

"... in every case, all depictions of soldiers are men. The exceptions
to the rule regarding women using weapons appear in the Old Kingdom
and  these are largely depictions of foreign women. A Sixth Dynasty
representation of a besieged town, in the tomb of Inti at Deshasha [23]
shows a woman defender stabbing a bowman with a dagger. Several
of the male defenders seem to have beards, thus revealing that they are
foreign. The foreign nature of the women is reinforced by a parallel
scene from the Saqqara tomb of Kaemhesit [24] which shows women
in a siege situation, but none of them appear to be taking an active stance.
In this scene the women are clearly foreign, wearing non-Egyptian
clothing. Finally, there is the case of the Sixth Dynasty female guard
called Merinebti-ankhteti of the pyramid cult of Teti [25] although here
there is no evidence to suggest that she was foreign. Such guards were
not mere doorkeepers, as the lady was given a tomb of her own. ...


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