Обжиг кирпича?

... и изделия (не сооружения), и инструменты
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09 янв 2010, 03:22
Вот такие вот исламские рабята:

http://www.islamic-awareness.org/Quran/ ... brick.html

Интересно, это "Россия - родина слонов" по-арабски, или и у археологов действительно есть серьёзныая информация об...

09 янв 2010, 10:30
Это не секрет.

The hardening of soil through heating must have been a very ancient observation. The use of bricks and clay bars in late Predynastic brewing kilns such as at Abydos, the results of major conflagrations in some of the large First-Dynasty tombs which were subsequently repaired (Emery 1961:180), and of several major burnings of town walls and houses, visible now on archaeological sites (e.g. Tell Edfu, Elephantine, Abydos and especially Kom Ombo), would have been especially dramatic evidence of the effects of burning on brickwork. The widespread preference for un-fired soil architecture was thus through choice rather than ignorance. This is borne out b by occasional exceptions, such as the fired clay tiles used in streets in Middle Kingdom fortresses in Nubia (Reisner et al. 1967: 118-19, pi- XLIXB; Emery et al. 1979: 8, 15-16, 35, fig. 19, pi. 926). From the New Kingdom onwards these exceptions become a little more frequent: specially shaped bricks for friezes on tomb facades (Borchardt et al. 1934; Spencer 19793; 140-1, pi. 37); the lining of burial chambers at Tell Nabasha (Petrie 1888:18-19; Spencer 19793; 44); and on to a little catalogue of examples from the Twenty-first Dynasty to the Hellenistic period (Spencer 19793; 141; Petrie 1906:49). One factor inhibiting the use of fired brick has presumably been the added cost of the fuel needed for the firing, as well as the need for a more suitable (and expensive) mortar, which, in the Hellenistic period, was lime.

Ancient Egyptian Materials And Technologies. Ch III. Soil (including mud-brick architecture)

Не получило распространения по вполне понятным экономическим причинам.

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